Friday, 6 January 2012

Susan Posnick - Colour Correct Concealer Review

Susan Posnick? I have never ever heard of this brand I may be a complete fool in saying that but she's literally never made her way into my make-up bag. However as with the Stila one correct I had some money to do some exchanges and this little beauty came in at only £9.20 down from £11.50 from I wasn't in need of a new concealer but this came up in a search as it has a similar name to the Stila product I bought. 

So the reason behind my purchase is I am basically a girl with the ever changing face colour. Sometimes I tan, sometimes I use gradual tan and some times although rarely these days I go for the English rose look and stay pale. Basically I am a girl who needs some versatility in her face products this is why this stood out for me I loved the idea of having two shades on each end. I also love pencil concealer the benefit one is favourite of mine. 

The shade mine came in was C1 which is a rosey light shade - C2 looked a little yellow to me. 
Anyway on her website she says this... 
COLORCORRECT- a dual ended brightening/correcting pencil in a revolutionary cream formula-the perfect complement to COLORFLO, in shades to match every skin tone.
  • Brightener (lighter color on the left) fills in under eye area and softens lines on the face. Highlights cheek and brow bones. Use just outside of the lip line to create fuller lips.
  • Corrector (warmer color on right) neutralizes discolorations on the lid and underneath the eye, and camoflages imperfections, sunspots and redness.

So I'm guessing it is meant to enhance her foundation but I loved it. It's not anything out of this world but the two tones are a great idea. It's smooths and blends really easily and is so easy to use! Having a little look into it I think her brand is more of a US thing but for the price I thought it really did the job. She does an entire beauty range so if you are interested check out

Am I the only one that hasn't heard of her? Has anyone else tried any of her products? 


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  1. YES! she is a big deal in texas... and i use a ton of her stuff. that concealor is a match made in heaven with her colorflo (it's a powder-filled brush.) it's a bit pricey, but so worth it. seriously!! :)