Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cheryl Cole Lashes - Eylure

False lashes became a bit of an expensive habit for me about 2 years ago and they are now a staple for any night out. I've had some eyelash disasters in my time and still haven't completely perfected the art of applying them. This expensive habit has become a bit cheaper now after finding sites like and amazing buys on eBay. I always like to have a stock of them for nights out so I don't end up in boots paying £5 or more on eylure lashes. However saying that I do love eylure lashes they are fab quality and I love the glue that comes with their lashes - I've never used anything else as I think it's spot on. I find the glue with cheaper lashes is awful so always keep eylure glue to apply them. 

I'm a bit of a sucker for Cheryl Cole she's a serious girl crush and as stupid as it is it's very easy to buy into anything she puts her name too. These eyelashes were actually a Christmas gift though and are different to previous Cheryl lashes I've had. Previously they were in black packaging and Cheryl's version were thick short and curled. They were my favourite from the girls aloud collection (second always being Kimberly, third Nicola) I'm not sure if that's because this is subconsciously the order of my favourite members of Girls Aloud of that I actually like the lashes in this order. 

Any ways these were completely knew to me and I was surprised at how different these were to Cheryl's previous ones they are long, thin and super curly. I love the idea of them, I tried to take them out as carefully as possibly as I do all lashes but they really are very delicate and I lost some of the side lashes in doing so. I found how thin they are also made applying them a lot harder than any other lash I've used. They kept creasing in the centre and took several attempts to get in place. 

As you can see here left is before and right is after. They are brilliant quality like all of eylure products but for me they were far too thin too apply well. I liked the overall look of them and they did really enhance the eye but I think they would be much more suited to day wear as they aren't very glam but do open up your eyes really well down to the curl on them. They are available from boots here. 


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  1. i love fake eyelashes... i'm just awful at putting them on ! haha
    great blog , followed!
    mantenso xx