Monday, 23 January 2012

I tanned the St Moriz Way

As a self confessed tan addict I am always on the hunt for new and exciting (more to the point) cheap ways to tan. I've had a long love affair with St Tropez but that ended when I found Lauren's way. However my current last term ever end of uni budget has taken a hit and as much as I know I should cut back on things like tan - it's just not going to happen. 

I first heard of St Moriz by the lovely Hannah Hind (who I always have tan envy of!) who has featured it in this blog post  So I went on a search to give this never heard of before tan ago. I was delighted to find it was only £5 a bottle on eBay with delivery. (I have since seen it in Tesco for £3.99 recently) So got myself a twin pack of St Moriz dark mousse. I normally love lotion tans as my skin dries out quite quickly so they sit better on my skin but couldn't find it online and I have nothing against mousse so went with it. (Tesco did stock the lotion and the mousse BTW) 

I wasn't really expecting too much due to the price however had heard and seen amazing things about this so gave it ago tonight. I love it! It's a little harder to apply than Lauren's Way as you do have to really rub it in to make sure you get a smooth effect - I applied with just a mitt and below was the result! 

It's a lovely golden brown colour and dries super quick. It doesn't smell quite as nice as Lauren's Way in my opinion but it is a third of the price so I'm definitely not complaining! 

I think St Moriz has just made it into my long term tan affair love list and for the price I think it'll be sticking around for a while. 



  1. This is the best tan I've ever used, its so similar to St Tropez too, but for a fraction of the cost!
    Great blog, i am enjoying reading it :)

  2. Honest to God, I love this stuff I have a whole draw full of it. The mouse is the best instant tan I've ever used and so comparable to St Tropez! I love it! Good post!! xxxx

  3. i love this tan its so good!

    I've nominated you for a cute blog award! =]

  4. I keep reading such good things about this I'm definitely going to check it out. xx

  5. I love this tan, but by gosh do I make the bathroom a mess when I apply it, but i think thats just how I apply fake tan not because of bad bottle design haha, great post hun x