Sunday, 8 January 2012

All things gold that glitter.

So Christmas may have passed but I'm still obsessed with all things gold and glitterery. I'm like a moth to a flame at the moment literally uncontrollably buying anything sparkly and pretty. Maybe it's just a girl thing but I wanted to share a few bargains I picked up recently. This really is the tip of the iceberg but dresses and clutch bags will be featured at another time! 

The photo's don't really show this little purse off but I absolutely love it. It's from H&M and was only £1.99. Again I can't find this on their website but it's just a perfect little coin purse to take on nights out. I ordered it early December but it only just arrived. I think the H&M website is amazing because sometimes my local store is like a jumble sale with clothes everywhere so it's so good to have everything in one place. However one a couple of occasions even though it says in stock on the site they have sent a letter saying it will be despatched a couple of weeks later or in this case a month which is really annoying! 

This item combines two of my favourite things, leopard print and gold glitter. This glasses case is massively chunky but it's perfect because can hold some huge shades or just my glasses. I love it and it was only £1 from Primark literally too excited when I found this! 

Finally this is was a steal at only £7 its a 100ml perfume called 'gold' from Marks and Spencer. Every year at Christmas I am always bought so much perfume from various family members but this year I was left perfumeless! So when I saw this I couldn't resist as it was so cheap, it was in their sale and it isn't on their website but in my local store they literally had about 50 bottles so sure it's widely available. It's a perfect daytime scent floral and fruity with a hint of oaky tones. I love it. 

I have bought another clutch bag and dress but they will be featuring in an upcoming party blog. :) How long can I carry this gold obsession on for? 


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